Tourist Info

Tourist information:

Vilnius information center – here you will be provided with all the necessary information about the sightseeing places in Vilnius and Lithuania , events, catering, etc. You can also get maps for free.

Address Vilniaus Str. 22 (main office), LT-01119 Vilnius
Phone +370 5 2629660
Fax +370 5 2628169
Address Didžioji Str. 31 (Town Hall), LT-01128 Vilnius
Phone +370 5 2626470
Fax +370 5 2620762
Address Geležinkelio Str. 16 (Railway Station), LT-02100 Vilnius
Phone +370 5 2692091
Fax +370 5 2692091/td>
Address Konstitucijos Ave. 3 (Vilnius Municipality), LT-09601 Vilnius
Phone +370 5 2112031
Transport in Vilnius
Public transport

Vilnius trolley buses and buses run from 4am till midnight. For bus timetables and routs visit


Tickets for trolley buses or buses cost 1.10 Litas if bought at newspaper kiosks and 1.40 Litas if bought on the troley/bus. If you came to Vilnius for a short visit, it is possible to buy a 1, 3 or 10 day ticket.

  • 1-day (24-hour) ticket costs 6 Litas.
  • 3-day (72-hour) ticket costs 14 Litas.
  • 10-day (240-hour) ticket costs 27 Litas.

These tickets are available at the following ‘Lietuvos spauda‘ kiosks:

  • Geležinkelio g. 16 (near the Railway Station),
  • Sodų g. 22 (near the Bus Station),
  • Laisvės pr. 60 (near the Press Palace ),
  • Gedimino pr. 2 (near the Cathedral).

A trip on a minibus costs 2-3 Litas, payed to the driver. The minibus stops at request, at any place in the street. To save time, drivers stop at your request only, so, remember to tell the driver in advance where you want to get off.


It is cheaper and safer to call a taxi by telephone. A receptionist at every hotel will do that for you. The taxi fare is from 1.50 Litas to 3 Litas per kilometre in the city. You are also charged a taxi fare of 2 - 4 Litas for getting on it.
Short telephone numbers to call a taxi (no code needed):
1445, 1422, 1313, 1818,1446, 1445, 1421, 1411, 1410,1403, 1441.

Travelling outside of Vilnius

Bus station

Address: Sodų st. 22, Vilnius (2 minutes walk from the hostel); Tel: (8-5) 216 00 54;

You can find the routs and timetables at

Railway station

Address: Geležinkelio st. 16, Vilnius (3 minutes walk from the our hostel); Tel. (8 ~ 5) 269 3722, 269 2466, 269 2748;

You can find all the routs and timetables at

Car rental

If you want to rent a car, you can do it in the centre of the city, at the airport or at the station where car rental companies have their offices. You cal also rent a car, a minibus, a bus or even a limousine at Tourist Information Centres. To do that you have to produce your identification card and a valid international credit card. Specific conditions for rent shall be discussed upon concluding a contract.

AAA Autobanga rent a car & limousine

Address Durpių street 26-4
Phone +370 5 2108732,+370 6 7634944,+370 6 8600909


Address Oslo street 5
Phone +370 68700083



Address Rodūnios street 2

+370 5 2331717, +370 6 8600611

More car hire companies please visit



Those who enjoy active rest can visit one of thefollowing shops. Here you can either buy or rent a bicycle or repair it.


Bicycle +

Adresas Žirmūnų street 70
Phone +370 5 2777720